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Fish Filleting Essentials

BEST OVERALL: American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife


What more can be said about this knife? We know many fisherman and captains swear by this knife when filleting their catch.  American Angler has been a staple throughout the Great Lakes fishing industry and continue to improve their products.  You can also purchase a TITANIUM Edition

NEXT BEST: Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife


A new edition to the electric knife market by a known blade maker. Bubba’s Electric Fillet Knife boasts one of the fastest motors and sharpest blades. It’s quiet and powerful. Our only complaint is the grip is a bit large in your hands in comparison to the American Angler. Bubba also makes a Cordless Knife for when a plug is not available.

MUST HAVE: Smith Diamond Hone


When it comes to your electric fillet knives keeping the blades sharp is essential to providing years and thousands of fish of use. This round pointed diamond hone allows you to sharpen the serrated blades and keep your knife in tip top shape in between cleaning sessions. A must have for any angler who relies on electric fillet knife.

HAND KNIFE: Victorinox 8″


Just an awesome all-around fillet knife. You can fillet anything from perch to tuna with this knife. Blade stamped from cold-rolled steel; bolsterless edge for use of entire blade and ease of sharpening. Fibrox handle are textured for comfort and no slip while cutting.



For less than $10 you can cut like a pro. Danco offers a German stainless steel blade coated with Dupont Teflon for easy cleaning and excellent corrosion resistance. The Tournament Plus series knives also feature a soft, oversized grip for added comfort and slip resistance plus a locking ported sheath for safety. The 7″ fillet knife also features scaling teeth and an exclusive EZ line cutter on the reverse edge of the blade.

SAFETY: Cut Resistant Non Slip Gloves


Anyone who wields a fillet knife around with any regularity knows cuts occasionally happen. Whats even worse is touching skin with a modern electric knife. These cut resistant anti-slip gloves will help prevent some stitches should some fish slime get in between you and your knife.

STAY CLEAN: Butcher’s Apron


Everyone likes to rock the latest in fishing apparel. These garments are generally not cheap. And unless you show up to the dock with a change of clothes, you’re risking some blood stained $50 shirts and shorts. A cheap butchers apron thrown in with your filleting supplies is a cost effective way to keep the mess off your clothes.

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