Deep Fried Lake Erie Walleye

Top Picks for Fish Batter

Everyone you talk to either has a preference or maybe their own recipe for deep frying fish. In this article we go over our top 5 picks for the simple store bought stuff.

Andy’s Red Fish Bredding

A mildly-spicy favorite among fishermen from not just the Great Lakes. This stuff has an almost cult like following from the catfish community as a go-to breading. It is also popular on perch, crappie, and bluegill.

Golden Dip Fish’n Chips by McCormick

We have all tried this. It is generally readily accessible in the grocery stores. This just add water wet batter can be thinned down to provide an ultra light coating to your favorite fish or if you coat the fish in flour prior to dunking it in this can become a thick and crispy exterior. The best part is you can add in flavors to change this fish batter to your own liking, garlic powder, black pepper, and cayenne pepper are our favorite little additions to this.

Shore Lunch Cajun

Most of us have been using Shore Lunch products forever. This is our top pick from their assortment of fish batters. I have heard of guys coating everything from Shrimp to Chicken with this fish breading. Simple and effective.

Louisiana All Natural Fish Fry

Honestly this is one of our top pics. It is incredibly simple to use. You just buy the bag dump the contents into a large freezer bag add some damp fillets and shake them around till they are coated. The results are a very thin yet crunchy coating on your favorite Great Lakes fish.

House Autry Original

Another very simple to use dry breading. This one is seasoned a little more than the Louisiana breading above. We know many anglers who keep bags of this stuff on hand for the last minute fish fry.


CanCooker Original Collapsible Batter Bowl

If you haven’t tried one you kind of need to. Simple idea with very easy clean up. Add your batter of choice on one side, fish or meat on the other and shake away. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after use.